Mavi Yolculuk, Blue Voyages, Blue Dreams were introduced to travelers by famous Turkish writers and art persons, Cevat Sakir, Azra Erhan, Osman Necmi Gurmen, Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu… : Cevat Sakır was exiled to Bodrum in 1925 and began to trip with his friend on the sponge divers’ saling boats that called gullet. This excursions became labeled as Blue Cruise (Mavi Yolculuk) . Cevat Sakir found out something like paradise. He settled down and adapted the name of Fisherman “Halicarnassus” writing stories, about local people ancient history of the region. He also worked as guide for Istanbul intellectuals he took the opportunities to introduce the fishermen natural life style. Mr Sakir tours and cruises became very famous not only in Istanbul but also in western Europe countries as Blue Voyages He felt in Love Bodrum blue sea. So he asked fisherman boat gullet for cruising in charming bays and secret beaches. After many request the typical Bodrum Gullet (original wooden material) were began built in Bodrum. Now there are more than 700 small, big, standards, luxurious ships around Bodrum, Marmaris Gocek, Fethiye Kas (Kash) area.
The main purpose of Blue Voyage cruise visiting bays, beaches that were covered by hills, rocks and cliffs to have experience nature life without any contact to the world. Most of these attractive area were difficult to reach by land vehicles, In the beginning the capacity of ships, 2,4,6 cabins, no air conditions with basic suppliers. The main purpose of cruising is reach silent beaches and silent bay. The main foreigners’ clients were from England, France, Switzerland, German and Holland during 70’s and 80’s. Italy was good at 2010st until covid 19 cases.

After mass request the verity cruising enlarged and big and luxuries ships were built at local ship yards .Apart from typical gullet ships also luxuries moto yachting were established. However travelers still prefer origin type of Gullet that now capacity 10-16 cabin ships. More, the yachting company enraged the blue cruise connecting with Greek Islands, Mykonos, Santorini and More. Most of ship quality increased and have larger cabins, more public area and long distance cruising.


Gullet ship compare with other cruise ships. Typical Gullet Layout is much more than attractive than Croatia cruises. Three meals are on board .Cabins more or less are same size but all cabin mostly same standard except mater cabins. No deck differences. Croatia ships can go long distance as they are fiber made (lighter). Gullet wooden ship heavy ships use much fuels…

Compare with sea cruises,
Gullet cruise more boutique than any of small ocean sea cruises,
Cruising among beaches and secret bay that big cruise ship cannot enter
Most of Food is being prepared on board, most of them are fresh
Most of time is on relaxes mood with beaches, and green nature as cruising at coastal area
Not cruising during night silent at sea and deep nature in the dreams.
Much friendly atmosphere
Not far from coastal or local town much, if any emergent cases the boat reach closed point in 40 min.
All the cabins are outside with porthole and air-conditions
Embarkation and disembarkation is just done in 5 min

No casino, not special show on board, not big shop area on board.