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2023 Blue Cruises Bodrum

Greek Islands Cruises From Bodrum 2023

Bodrum is one of the largest towns in the southern coastal region of Turkey. A well-known party spot, boasting one of the largest outdoor nightclubs in the world, however, there is also much more on offer. The old town of Bodrum is built with beautiful traditional whitewashed houses giving it a real charm. You will also find some impressive sandy and secluded beaches to soak up the Turkish sun and ocean. This is the perfect spot to start your blue cruise Bodrum  Gulet Cruises either along the Turkish coast or out to the Greek Islands. The availability and simplicity to ren a a yacht  make choosing this option a breeze.

Cruise from Bodrum to Fethiye in this superb 8-day and 7-night voyage. Explore amazing destinations along the journey.

Begin your time on the turquoise waters at the harbour town of Bodrum, heading out to the black islands where you will stop for a time before anchoring down for the night. Head to Palamutbuku to relax at his quiet bay before heading to the small town of Datca where modern and ancient buildings can be found. Spend time in the famous coastal city of Marmaris where you can explore the streets by day and enjoy the variety of nightlife. The final destinations are the Flat Islands before anchoring in Fethiye harbour for the end of your sail in Turkey experience. This cruise will be the highlight of your summer. Bodrum to Fethiye destination is one of the most popular destinations for luxury yacht holidays in Turkey. It’s the ideal vacation choice for your family and friends. Relax, listen to the tranquillity of the ocean, enjoy a drink from your open bar and gaze at the passing islands and coves of the Mediterranean on your blue cruise.


This afternoon you will board your gulet at 4 pm for check-in information about your upcoming week onboard cruising from Bodrum into Fethiye. You will leave harbour shortly after sailing for Karaada – Black Island. This will be your first chance for a dip into the beautiful ocean and as you will spend the night here you can even sit back and enjoy your first cruise life sunset with a cold drink in hand.

Overnight at Karaada – Black Island.


This morning you cruise onto Cnidus. This is an Ancient City that still is under current excavation. You will find that you can still clearly see the old harbours of this once ancient settlement. You will have time to go exploring before cruising onto Palamutbuku. After all your hard walking and exploring of Cnidus, it’s time to enjoy the pristine clear waters of Palamutbuku and spend the afternoon swimming and snorkelling.

Overnight at Palamutbuku.

Today it’s time to cruise onto Datca. Inland from where you will anchor down is the old ancient City of Datca. What you will find today is the old temples and other buildings of this ancient settlement. You will have time to go explore on land and also wander through modern-day Datca, have a tea with the locals or have a cold drink along the harbour before jumping back on board and cruising off to a quiet bay for the evening.

Overnight at a secluded bay near Datca.


oday is your day for complete R&R. Grab a book, grab a sunbed, your sunnies, hat and sunscreen as you get to simply kick back and enjoy the beautiful waterways of the coastline of Turkey. Today you will cruise through for Datca onto Serce Bay or Bozukkale. You will have time to swim in beautiful bays, turquoise waters and recharge for some fun nights ahead.

Overnight at either Serce or Bozukkale.


This morning, feeling fully re-energised after your day of R&R its time to hit up one of the biggest harbours in Turkey – Marmaris. You will cruise onto Marmaris to anchor down into the harbour and then it’s time to explore. You can wander around the old town which is still littered with old homes and cobbled streets, hit up some of the seaside markets to shop for that bargain or find yourself a quaint little harbourside café to sit in and watch the world go by. Enjoy the day before jumping back on board for dinner. Marmaris has some pretty impressive nightlife, so after dinner and a few drinks on board, the night is yours to go and explore.

Overnight at Marmaris Harbour.

his morning you will cruise out of the harbour and its back onto the waterways of Turkey. You will cruise onto an area called Ekincik.

Optional: Here you have the option of spending the day on an optional excursion into Dalyan. Dalyan is famous for its lake waterways, its beautiful rock tombs, along with the mud baths and the famous Turtle Beach. You will be picked up from the boat and taken into the waterways on a full-day tour when you can visit these sites along the way.

Please note: This tour needs a minimum of 5 people to operate.

If you would prefer to stay on board you can enjoy chilling out on the deck or you may be tempted by the local water sports on offer.

Overnight at Ekincik.


Today you will cruise on the 12 Islands area close to Fethiye. First stop is the beautiful Cleopatra Bath – Hammam Bay. Here you can actually still swim through the ruins of this once ancient hammam. You will then make one last swimming stop at Flat Island before cruising into Fethiye Harbour in the afternoon. Fethiye is a smaller scale version of Marmaris with plenty more charm. You will have the afternoon to explore the old town scattered with your souvenir shops, wander up to the old Lycian tombs for sunset or you may like to venture further and catch the bus onto the ghost town of Kayakoy. You will be served dinner back on board and then you may like to wander back to the lively bar street and find your bar of choice to spend the evening in and ponder back on the week before.

Overnight at Fethiye Harbour.


This morning breakfast will be served nice and early and then it’s time to bid farewell to your cruise buddies and crew. Check out will be around 9 am after breakfast.